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We are strong believers in protecting our enviroment and we do everything possible to minimze our

carbon footprint.


This is done in two main ways - by recycling all our packaging and waste and by minimsiing our transport carbon footprint.


We believe we are the first electrical contractors in the area to use a fully electric van which produces no emissions whatsoever.


The vehicle is a Nissan ENV200 which we have run for almost a year now we charge this vehicle at our base using electrcity from the mains. This electricity is 100% green as our electricity tarrif is 100% renewable meaning all electricity used is generated from either wind, tidal or solar energy.


Our 2nd vehicle is an ultra low emmission small diesel van and we also have a hybrid car.


if you would like to do your part in reducing your transportation carbon footprint and invest in the future by changing to an electric vehicle we would be delighted to advise you on charging points and the best way to use sustainable energy.


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